Partnership with Street Chaplains


Working together with other churches to create a safer community


STREET CHAPLAINS are committed to serving the community by working with other churches who want to see a chaplaincy presence in their area.

In order to accomplish this, STREET CHAPLAINS offer the following help and support:

1.    To provide advice and assistance to church groups on how to establish a chaplaincy ministry in their locality.

2.   To provide assistance in the areas of publicity, recruitment, and launch.

3.   To provide administration from our head office to support the ongoing development of a new Street Chaplain project.

4.   To organise and train all new volunteers in their roles and responsibilities by qualified practitioners.

5.   To work with the local agencies in order to help secure funding for the project.

6.   To provide ongoing support for any new Street Chaplain project.

7.   To provide opportunities for volunteers to work in existing areas in North Staffordshire where Street Chaplains already has teams.


The main purpose of Street Chaplains, in terms of working with other areas, is to establish a partnership that encourages, supports and empowers local churches to develop their own project, whilst ensuring that there is adequate human resources available to make the project succeed.

For more information or advice please contact Stephen Russell 



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